It is estimated that over 60% of data breaches are the result of third party vendors being the primary catalyst for risk into a target organization. MeasuredRisk provides the ability for leaders to fully understand their ecosystem risk, and how that risk may manifest to their business. Our platform continuously monitors partners, suppliers, affiliates and other connected entities to ensure that your organization is aware of the risks associated and provides a strong basis for compliance initiatives to be instituted across the ecosystem.

Digital Risk

The modern business climate is distributed and multi-dimensional. As a result, organizations need to leverage technology across platforms to collaborate and ensure continuity of operations. This dependency on digital means also creates increased risk for organizations that do not control the risks introduced from critical supplier relationships. MeasuredRisk helps organizations anticipate the risks introduced, and enables active monitoring so that each extended relationships don’t go unchecked.


The potential for business disruption is a critical consideration for organizations with external dependencies specifically in logistics, manufacturing, healthcare and retail. MeasuredRisk provides real-time intelligence for risks attributed to geopolitical, economic, legal and cyber considerations.


Ensuring organizations meet an acceptable risk profile is not only critical to organizations long-term sustainability, but is also a regulatory requirement across various sectors. MeasuredRisk’s platform will help leaders ensure that third-parties are in compliance by continuously monitoring against pre established criteria.

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