Shifting forces at play are driving organizations to rethink cyber risk decisioning in new light.

MeasuredRisk’s Pulse is born out of that necessity. Cyber adversaries are now using advanced artificial intelligence capabilities to breach even the most guarded organizations. Pulse is a result of critical thinking applied to today’s new world of risk.

Pulse is a multi-dimensional cyber risk assertion program that goes far beyond anything available in the market today. The program is a hybrid (HMSSP) offering that enables organizations to maintain complete control of their existing security management capabilities, while acting as an augmentation through both human effort and artificial intelligence. Because the best in class, experts in cyber risk know, that the human must remain in the loop. That is why, MeasuredRisk Pulse offers the best of both worlds; Our world-class cyber risk experts working hunt operations externally on your behalf as a simulated adversary, while leveraging our groundbreaking AI Powered Risk Inference Engine, View as the foundation.

The benefit to your organization is continuous, orchestrated cyber risk assertion that operates as an extension of your existing defense capabilities enabling the following:

  • Real-life defense determination, from the outside in. Most breaches occur this way.

  • Dynamic vs. Static risk assertion. Unscripted or untimed adversary simulation.

  • Multidimensional attack vector determination. Blended methodologies, continuously.

  • Advanced Human and Artificial Intelligence to help organizations make the right defense investments for capital efficiency

  • Trust through ongoing awareness of organizational strengths and weaknesses.

MeasuredRIsk Pulse is offered in two subscription packages:


Monthly subscription for organizations seeking an intermittent cyber risk feedback loop.


Annual subscription for organizations seeking a continuous and exhaustive cyber risk feedback loop.

To learn more about MeasuredRisk Pulse and inquire about pricing, please contact us today.

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