May 29, 2018

MeasuredRisk Appoints Former Team Cymru Co-Founder Stephen Gill as Chief Strategy Officer to Join the World's Leading AI Powered Risk Inference Pioneer

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With Stephen, you see the world through a whole new lens. His intellect, passion and creativity in the discipline of cybersecurity, as well as intelligence make you reshape calculus," said Tom Albert, President and CEO of MeasuredRisk. "At this point, the chessboard has been redrafted. MeasuredRisk is the de-facto world force in both intellect and technology. I'm wouldn't want to be the adversary, and those that are on the proper curve of life should embrace this team quickly. Those on the other curve, be weary.

Stephen pioneered many advances in Cyber Security, driving at the bleeding edge of the industry for well over a decade and succeeded in expansive miscreant attribution and subversion. Stephen was Co-Founder, Fellow, and Chief Scientist of Team Cymru, an intelligence company whose technology scaled to help millions of users, many Tier 1 ISPs, NSPs, and governments in the fight against cyber-crime world-wide. Topping it all off, delivering on a mission and improve human lives - literally. He conceived and developed many of the technologies which helped set them apart and be recognized as the top most influential leaders in the world of Internet Security. He was deeply entrenched in the bowels of the Internet down to its base protocols and those that leverage it for good and for bad. The Who and the Why were subjects of deep ongoing investigation and research. Stephen studied Computer Science and Mathematics at Wheaton College and has also worked in senior positions at major tech companies such as Cisco Systems, IBM and others. His passion for innovation has subsequently led to running several successful businesses across a variety fields with the effective use of methodical, scalable approaches to growth. He is an investor, entrepreneur, strategist, inventor, and innovator. He helps businesses solve complex problems, communicate more effectively, think differently, and execute brilliantly.

Stephen joins an already amazing leadership team with CFO Charles Smith PhD, CRO Yuri Koshkin PhD, Chief Architect Jordi Llonch, CTO Tony Alagna, AI legend Christos Faloutsos PhD and Director of Research, world-famous security guru Gregory Hanis.

"MeasuredRisk's capacity to help the world is mind-bending.  The team's velocity, intellect and gravity is unmatched.  The technology MeasuredRisk has built is something that categorically defies logic, and rewrites the rules.  I couldn't be prouder to join this elite cast, and to do this once again.  The years have taught me, surround yourself with pure leaders, and you will make good together for the world. If you are ready to take a journey, and need the help of the best, we're here and we're one," said Gill.

MeasuredRisk enables leaders to see risk. MeasuredRisk's patent pending software platform uses Artificial Intelligence to determine the potential for risk, and the conditions which are driving that potential, in real-time. The team is comprised of serial entrepreneurs, educators, hackers and business leaders all focused on risk.

MeasuredRisk removes the noise, and provides irrefutable decision support for leaders steeped in responsibility, with clarity and precision.

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