May 9, 2018

MeasuredRisk Appoints Former Symantec Executive, WholeSecurity Founder and CTO Tony Alagna as Chief Technology Officer to Join the World's Leading AI Powered Risk Inference Pioneer

MeasuredRisk, Inc., the pioneer of AI powered Risk Inference, has announced the appointment of Tony Alagna as Chief Technology Officer. As former Founder and CTO of WholeSecurity, Alagna will head up the technology strategy and vision for MeasuredRisk. He brings to this new position more than 20 years of experience building and leading historically disruptive cyber risk market transformations.

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With cyber and business risk driving new realities, and the innovation virally spreading with AI making its debut from a long winter, the market is demanding highly disruptive solutions to help leaders see risk," said Tom Albert, President and CEO of MeasuredRisk. "What can I say? Tony Alagna is a legend that pioneered one of the most successful technology markets, now known as Endpoint Security. Tony's vision of where we can go is astounding. I'm excited, and so should every leader that cares about determining their organization's risk." For over two decades, Alagna has developed some of the most leading edge cyber risk capabilities in the world. Alagna built WholeSecurity in his early twenties, raised over $18.5M of venture capital into the company, captured the endpoint security market and eventually sold the company to Symantec when he was 27 years old. WholeSecurity was named one of Fortune's Top 25 Breakout Companies and featured often in Forbes Magazine. When you hear the phrase "putting the band back together", this is a historic moment in the security world where that is absolutely true, as Tom Albert, CEO, and Michael Vien, Head of Cyber for MeasuredRisk both worked directly with Alagna at WholeSecurity in the early 2000's. Since, Alagna has continued to innovate while raising an additional $35M to develop and support various business and philanthropic initiatives. Alagna joins an already amazing leadership team with CFO Charles Smith PhD, Yuri Koshkin PhD, Chief Architect Jordi Llonch, AI legend Christos Faloutsos PhD and Director of Research, world-famous security guru Gregory Hanis.

MeasuredRisk has built the most luminous platform pioneering the risk inference market, creating the constructs and application of advanced artificial intelligence to assert risk in real-time," said Alagna. "I am honored to join this company at such a critical inflection point for the world's business and government executives that are experiencing a dizzying set of shifting conditions by those whom wish to besiege their entities. With MeasuredRisk, you have the most cutting-edge technology and the most innovative team I've ever seen under one roof to help leaders see risk, in a new light.

MeasuredRisk enables leaders to see risk. MeasuredRisk's patent pending software platform uses Artificial Intelligence to determine the potential for risk, and the conditions which are driving that potential, in real-time. The team is comprised of serial entrepreneurs, educators, hackers and business leaders all focused on risk. MeasuredRisk has built answers to the questions every leader must reconcile; "How do I know our risks? What may happen?" MeasuredRisk removes the noise, and provides irrefutable decision support for leaders steeped in responsibility, with clarity and precision.