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Providing risk foresight on-demand
with a robust set of enterprise features



Cyber hygiene, business resilience, est. company lifespan, peers, etc.

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Predictive Insights

Helping organizations move from reactive to proactive.

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Flexible Usage

We make getting started a no-brainer, for any budget.

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Designed to meet the demands of the largest supply chains in the world.

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Robust Indicators

Over 3200 to be exact, in our cyber hygiene model, alone.

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Executive Reporting

Send custom PDFs to your team for executive review.

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Data Visualizations

See your supplier, supply chain, and industry all in precise graphs.

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Multiple Use Cases

Suppliers, counter-parties, investment portfolio, etc.

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Rapid Deployment

APIs, Dashboards, Reporting tools, and browser extension available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Features that are built by SME's in cyber, AI, data science and risk intelligence.

What makes your models unique?
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Most organization's are using spreadsheets to manage vendor or supplier risk. The ones that are more advanced are using detection methods looking to identify existing issues with a companies digital footprint. MeasuredRisk developed an entirely new way to look at risk by using inference, and predictive AI designed to illuminate impending supplier disruption or failure.

We already use a TPRM tool. How is this better?
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TPRM while initially useful a decade ago, has been lagging in innovation for several years. Specifically, technology that performs standard "checks" on ports, cloud buckets, etc., provides no understanding about what the future holds for that supplier. It only provides a biased and selected set of "knowns". It is able to detect risk, which could have been resident for years, whereas MeasuredRisk can determine the overall cyber hygiene and proficiency of an organization, while also measuring the business resilience of a supplier. This means that a traditional TPRM solution provides only 50% of the information needed, is reactive and not reflective of the true risk a business faces.

Are you using surveys for compliance?
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No. We don't believe they hold merit, and are not of value in determining the true risk a vendor or supplier has. Self-attestation has been a common form of third party risk management for years, and has proven to be ineffective given the obvious perverse incentives of the supplier/client relationship, and the limitations of the format of a survey vs. algorithmic assertion.

How does your pricing compare to other TPRM providers?
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We found that a major limitation of TPRM solutions is price per supplier. Every solution we have encountered in our market research is looking for a large upfront commitment to their platform. We don't believe this is right for several reasons. The first is that solutions in this market are designed to help organizations. If they are too price prohibitive, then as a whole, we aren't protecting organizations to the extent possible. So we changed that, and are pioneering the world's first SaaS offering in the TPRM segment, with pricing beginning at only $40 per supplier, less than the price of dinner for two.

How many suppliers can we monitor?
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Our platform is designed to handle extreme scale. You are able to upload lists up to tens of thousands of suppliers, or simply just monitor one. We provide you with the flexibility to support even the largest supply chains in the world, and allow you the freedom to choose how often you would like to update information for each supplier.

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