Organizations are facing increased pressure to ensure that any investments made are accurately scrutinized and thoroughly vetted. With this increased pressure, comes new challenges in a highly interconnected, social business climate. MeasuredRisk provides the platform to ensure that your diligence efforts

Mergers & Acquisitions

Knowing the risks of an acquisition target in advance are critical in both the preservation of shareholder value, and the sustainability of value to be obtained. MeasuredRisk identifies IP related risk, in addition to economic and cyber related indicators that are crucial to any organization endeavoring an inorganic growth strategy.


While traditional diligence efforts are predictable and tested, new and often undiscovered risks are presented in a matrixed business climate. MeasuredRisk’s platform can help support the diligence process for investors looking to ensure their best effort fiduciary analysis is executed using the most cutting-edge technologies available.


Many of the most common approaches to actuarial science are now being disrupted by the advent of technological innovation. MeasuredRisk provides insurers with a new mechanism to see beyond the traditional methodologies through the application of artificial intelligence.

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